Photography Tips: Composition and breaking symmetry

Have you ever looked at something you are about to photograph, and thought ‘Do I need to take anything out of the photo? What, if removed, would make this photo, at least to me, perfect?’

Mike looks to photograph a dock in Switzerland, removing content that isn’t liked or makes the photo not quite perfect before actually taking the picture.

Once the photo is framed correctly, Mike then explores aperture priority settings and the histogram to ensure the photo is correctly exposed. Remember, there is little point in asking photographers what aperture setting to use, or what ISO setting to use, as every single time you take a photo there are going to be different conditions, and therefore different settings to be used. So, set your own settings, just explore, that’s one of the many beauties of modern digital cameras, a photo doesn’t cost a dime!

In this video Mike Browne heads out to Zurich and balances precariously on a wooden dock to discuss the art of compostion and symmetry and what happens when you break it!

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Do you have any methods that you use when composing a photo? Comment below!

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