Getting photos printed with ClickASnaps’ E-commerce systems

As many of you may know we are shortly to launch a full ecommerce system for ClickASnap this will allow you, among other things, to sell your photo’s as physically printed products at whatever price you may chose. But, you, and just as importantly, your clients do not know what quality process’s are behind our printing systems. For all you know we could be printing it out on a £100 printer from PC world! (here’s a hint, we’re not doing that..)

Mike Browne took a trip to One Vision Imaging who will be doing your printing and supplying your products to your customers at the price that you have chosen. So take a couple of minutes and be assured that when you sell a photo on ClickASnap, whether it be for £5 or £10,000 your purchaser will end up with the highest quality product possible.

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If you haven’t signed up for ClickASnap yet why not join us!

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