Marketing your photos and getting those valuable views

Sometime back we released an article on 20 ways to promote your photos for free (you can read it here) it was so well received we thought we should write another!


  • Journorequests This is an awesome bit of software that sends, straight to your inbox, an email of things journalists are looking for. Now, you are not going to see an email saying ‘we want your photo for this article’. This is all about finding an angle to approach a journalist with who is actually looking for a story to publish. We use it all the time and have got ClickASnap in a few times. For example this artice in Forbes and this post in the Gaurdian.
  • Photograph a band. Next time you go to see a band take your camera, and take some shots, then send the shots to the band via your ClickASnap link, if you’re lucky they will share it on their social media
  • Attend camera clubs and tell them about your photos and where they are on ClickASnap. This way you can bring whole communities onto the platform and viewing your content
  • Forums, Forums, Forums! Take Macro photos post here, sports photos post here Astrophotography post here, Portrait photography post here and so on. Build reputations, and form bridges then one post in the forum brings you huge amounts of views. Bob Richards is living proof it works, 276 images and 17,000 views in just a few weeks.
  • List your profile on Local listing services, such as Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing
  • Jump on a popular trend. Christmas is coming up take photos of christmas related things etc. Use Google Trends to see what is trending in search terms and take related photos
  • Create a demo video of your photos and post it on video hsoting platforms like Videscape and Youtube with links to your ClickASnap profile underneath or in the video itself
  • Apply for photography Awards
  • Join photography groups on social media and share your ClickASnap photos to them. This draws more people to your content, more join the platform and more views for you
  • Take unusual photos, Super macro, space, Deep Space, things people don’t usually see
  • Take pictures for a charity, or a friendly business and link back to your ClickASnap portfolio
  • Offer free downloads (coming soon with the Ecommerce systems)
  • Offer to photograph a friends pet, or a friends event, share your photos to them via ClickASnap
  • Get involved with a local special olympics group, or church and offer your photos to them
  • Add links to your profile on Craiglist,


It is very difficult in this online world to get people to view your content, but it’s very possible to get large amounts of people viewing your photos. It’s not easy and it takes work, but the rewards often speak for themselves. There are many people on this platform who get tens of thousands of views  per month but it took them a huge amount of work to get there.

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