Using ClickAsnap to help you decide what camera should to buy

By now you’ve probably been taking photos with a point and click camera or a phone and you have decided to take the leap and buy yourself a DSLR or high end camera like a mirrorless. The problem is, there are so many! How can you know what camera you should buy that is going to satisfy your needs?

Well, this is where free photo hosting site ClickASnap comes in, not only does it pay you per view of your photos, but, it also allows you to search for images taken by a specific camera. Now, A friend (or review, or blog post) has told you that you should buy a Canon 5DSR, probably one of the highest resolution cameras on the market today, but what does this mean to you? Not alot really unless you can see images actually taken with it. So, how does ClickAsnap help with this? Firstly head to our search bar at the top of this page click on the ‘photos’ and change to ‘camera’ (you can also search by ISO, Lens, Aperture, and a whole plethora of other things) type in ‘Canon EOS 5DS R’ and hit search. This page will come up and you can see every photo on the site taken with that specific camera!

Need a few more tips? Watch this video from Adorama Youtube channel!
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