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Many of us spend alot of time building up our twitter accounts, but did you know that the number of followers that you have isn’t the only contributory factor to tweet reach? No? Well below is a series of accounts and hashtags that if you include in your photo related tweet will ensure your photo reaches a much larger audience!
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  • Include the hashtag #500pxrtg
  • For UK wildlife photos include the handle @wildlife_uk
  • For travel photos include the handle @lonelyplanet
  • If you’re a member of ClickAsnap ask to be added to this twitter list run by one of our users
  • Remember to pin a tweet to the top of your feed
  • If you’re watching a TV show or sport event and it asks to tweet something add a link into the tweet that is related to the show to your photo!
  • Tweet at the right times, use this software for free to work those times out
  • Use Google Trends to isolate what is being searched for then fit into it
  • Share other peoples tweets
  • Ask people to retweet your content, just putting ‘Retweet’ on your tweet can significantly increase retweets
  • Add a call to action, ask people to click the link
  • Use URL shortening software so you have more room, we here at ClickASnap use
  • Talk about twitter in your tweets, they get 22% more engagement
  • Don’t ignore small users, the vast majority of interaction and retweets on twitter come from accounts with less than 500 followers
  • Assuming you don’t use time indication software like mentioned previously, tweet between 10 and 11pm Eastern time, this is the best time for a retweet
  • Position your link towards the end of a tweet, not the beginning this increases click through rates
  • Use UPPERCASE when tweeting, interaction increases by over 500%!
  • Sharing weather orientated photos? Tag @weatherwyou and @earthandclouds

Hopefully these will be useful to our users, and if you don’t already use ClickASnap for your photos, why not upload a few and start earning money today!

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One Response

  1. Really good piece for those who use twitter or even have considered it. Lots of useful tips, some of which I regularly use my self “#500pxrtg” on almost every photo I post, gets your image seen by so many, but most importantly people who aren’t following you. Other handles are useful and when used get your image out to people who will be interested in it.

    I’m off to try some of your other tips.

    A huge thank you for mentioning the CaS user list I have compiled on twitter, have added 20 members so far. If you wish to be added DM via twitter, I will always try and RT if you include @ClickASnap_ in your tweet or have a direct link to your photo from CaS.

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