ClickASnap Q1 2019 report

The last quarter has been interesting to say the least. We were briefly banned from Meta , (for which we still don’t know why) This was fairly scary and you can certainly see how Meta can decimate competition literally at the click of their fingers (which they have actually done repeatedly. See ‘Vine’ as a prime example. I was actually prepared to see Margrethe Vestager of the EU monopolies commission should this have continued) I suspect this will change in the near future as governments look to regulate both Google and Meta , but in the meantime we are going to continue to create our own audiences and therefore reduce our reliance on other networks for our traffic. We had just finally tuned our Google Adwords campaign, we then got banned from that. The reason being is a dodgy advert had got into Googles ad system (they supply the adverts on the site through ADX) and we then get the blame for this. Annoyingly, Google Adwords and Google ADX teams do not talk to each other, so we had to make a choice, we scale and turn adverts off, or grow organically and leave adverts on. Of course, when you get to a certain size, such issues go away, but we’re obviously not there yet, therefore we will be turning ads off for a period of time whilst we grow the platform. This will not affect the paid per view as we will be paying that out of other site revenues. Furthermore data gleaned from running ads has shown us that there is enough revenue available there to cover our existing daily view liabilities. As we grow and become more established and seen by larger advertisers revenue from this should increase, which as stated by myself nearer the beginning of this project, would be reflected in higher payments per view. (I must stress though, when i say grow larger i mean in excess of 500,000 unique users per month, we’re currently averaging 40,000)

Is there any good news? Well, we successfully landed our first government grant, this will pay for the Pinterest integration which will hopefully be launched before the end of Q2. After which we will be looking to do album updates including, paid to enter albums, AMS by album, and private albums. Our growth has maintained it’s consistency, we’re rapidly approaching 500,000 images on the platform growing at a rate of several hundred per day. Our user base consists of almost 17,000 signed up users growing at about 20 per day, and when we get our Adwords account back we can accelerate this again.

As for viewing figures, we had 120,000 users who stayed on the site for an average of 5m 30s each, giving a total image viewing time of 441 days. There were 1.6 million images viewed, with the average user viewing 13 images whilst on site, giving an average time spent viewing each image of 40 seconds. We maintain an extremely low bounce rate of 3.47% suggesting that the content on the site is extremely attractive to users visiting ClickASnap. These are all extremely promising statistics and as we grow, obtain more income and investment we can continue to add features that help image creators have their content viewed and sold across the planet. Especially, as of now, we offer more features for less than any other image sharing site online today offers.

We have spent significant time building up our Trustpilot reviews and have had incredibly positive feedback. If you haven’t rated us yet please take 5 seconds, click here and rate us. It helps immensely.

Till next quarter!

Tom Oswald


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