Clickasnap Q3 report ’19

Time really does seem to be flying these days! There is not a huge amount to discuss this quarter. Mike Browne released the interview with me which brought in just over a 1,000 new users and 15,000 photos to the platform in a few days. This influx highlighted some new bugs that we’ve been working to address and hope most major ones will be cleared within the next few weeks.

Next quarter plans:

We have some meetings planned with high profile investors and we’re looking to raise between 600k and 1M sterling to really supercharge the platform. A significant portion of this investment will be devoted to advertising spend, but not on the photography side, but rather on the image demand side. We want to massively increase organic traffic to the site to really ramp up those views, associated earnings and photo sales. We understand that whilst having a technologically advanced platform is one thing, the most, or, (arguably more) important factor is providing an audience for our dedicated users.

Coupled with this will be an entire stock photography aspect of the site with a wide range of state of the art features, in keeping with our leading edge technology ethos.

Outside of this, we plan on continuing working our way through UI/UX issues as well as platform bugs until we are completely satisfied that the platform is as stable as is feasible. This is going to take some time, so please bear with us as we get through them. We may introduce some minor new features during this process, but the focus really is on improving the usability of the platform, and removal of bugs before we start implementing any major new features.

This last month we have been working extensively on user concerns and issues, alot of which is centred around the upload process and associated pages. So, shortly, we plan to release an update which allows users to copy tags and descriptions across all their uploads at the click of a button, and, should they need to, they will have the ability to replace an image without losing views and likes etc. We have also made strides to monetise the feed which will hopefully provide a significant uplift in revenue which can be used to drive our progress forward faster. Of course any user can escape the ads with an ad free account for just £9.60 a year (plus you get unlimited uploads and lots of other features). We’ve also fixed a few other minor issues, and, certainly in in our beta site, a nice side effect of the work done seems to have sped up the upload process significantly. We’re hoping this passes across to the live site when we deploy this update.

We are also in discussions with some larger print on demand companies to cater to our international markets, as well as provide a wider range of products for our photographers to sell. This integration will be a very big job so will likely be in next year as I want the platform bug free before committing to any major new developments on the site. Obviously this is all dependent on revenue (every penny that doesn’t go into paying you royalties is invested back into this platform, so thankyou to all our paying account holders. You’re directly helping us grow with every £1 you spend plus help make finding investment alot easier!) We have a couple of other major integrations to address but we’ll be keeping them under our hat for now.

Thanks for your time in reading this, and should you have any questions please post in the forums, or feel free to contact me at

Tom Oswald


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