Maximize the work area in Darktable

Many people edit their photos on the smaller screens of laptops of different sizes. This will often typically be 15” or even 13” laptop screens. In this case, it is vital to use the available screen area as effectively as possible. Our software will in the default layout often show much more than necessary, whether it is for branding, for having tools and information readily available for new users, or both.

Darktable also does this, but it is very easy to hide everything you don’t need at any time, and also to reveal whatever you have hidden. I this video I go through some old and some new options to make the most out of a limited screen space. Enjoy!

I also was reminded in the comments about a couple of shortcuts that I left out:

Ctrl-H: Show/hide the top panel

Ctrl-Shift-N: Show/hide the navigator image/thumbnail on top of the left hand panel.

Also, you can drag the edge between the side panels and the image area to adjust the width of the side panels.

And as always, whenever I mention the Ctrl key, Mac users will have to use Cmd.

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