ClickASnap, Is It Worth It? A 2022 Review from an Amateur Photographer.

By Rae Pepper

Last week turned out to be pretty disastrous for Meta. As users abandon Facebook and Instagram, Meta saw their largest ever stock market loss, with billions of dollars vanishing overnight. Then, just days later, Mark Zuckerberg announces that if they are not able to transfer, store and process data from European users on US servers, they might have to shut down Facebook and Instagram across all of Europe. They certainly seem to have gotten themselves in a pickle. I guess it appears that people are no longer satisfied with the services Zuckerberg and his team provide and as such, they are jumping ship. But what does this mean for the future of social media? Is there a new site out there, that values it users and their content? Or a platform where individuals can simply share their photos and artwork without the clutter and weight of everything else?

The answer is yes, and it is called ClickASnap.

A photo-sharing platform

As an amateur photographer, I am always looking for a social place to share my work. Instagram was familiar, but over the years there have been drastic changes with the way they now operate. The platform’s shift from still images to ‘entertaining’ video-sharing-content (usually in the forms of short dance routines or people miming to songs and voiceover snippets), has left me and other photographers and digital artists fading into the background and now, thanks to algorithms, I am faced with a decision – post daily videos or be forgotten.  

For me, this is unfeasible and that’s why I like the simplicity of ClickASnap. It is a platform dedicated to creating and sharing your still images, like the good old days. No videos, advertisements, memes and ‘what breakfast food are you’ quizzes popping up. Just a flowing feed of great work from other like-minded people.

No data farming or algorithms!

ClickASnap are pioneering the way for visual artists and others to be recognised again. It is a transparent platform dedicated for individuals to create and share original content – how they want and when they want. Unlike Facebook and Instagram (which uses data farming to programme algorithms controlling what you see and how far you reach), ClickASnap is designed so that they display users posts chronologically, meaning each post is organically visible. Not only does that give everyone from amateur to professional a fair chance; it takes away all the pressure of having to post daily, giving yourself extra time in the day to focus on what really counts.

Fancy taking a social-media break for your mental health? No worries, the next time you sign back in and post, your followers will still see your content as if you never left. No hard work undone.


It is worth mentioning that there is a choice of subscriptions to choose from when opening a ClickASnap account. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, there are numerous plans to suit the needs of everyone.

Users can start by signing up to the free version so they can take time to decide which membership will be more beneficial to them. Unfortunately, a lot of benefits, including the paid per view, isn’t included in the free version, but it’s a good option for people who want to try before they buy, or simply follow other peoples work without the need to publish their own.

Beyond that, paid subscriptions range from £2-£6/month, with options to save money by paying annually.

The Ad-Free account (£2/month) allows users to access an ad-free experience with faster browsing, unlimited uploads, and access to the paid per view benefit.

The Seller account (£4/month) has all the benefits from the Ad-Free account plus options to sell your photos as products and offer free digital downloads.

The Pro-Seller account (£6/month) has all the benefits from the previous paid accounts plus extras including, Watermarkless Image Protection Technology (WIPT), front page features, 100 free credits per month to spend on promoting your images, AMS social media marketing and unlimited cloud storage.

Do I really get paid for my photos?

Sounds too good to be true right? But in short, the answer is yes.

You may have heard about paid per view from platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, well, ClickASnap is the first photo-sharing platform with this feature. As long as you have signed up to one of the paid subscriptions, ClickASnap will pay you every time one of your images is viewed for 5 seconds or more.

When I first signed up in 2016, the rate of the paid per view was 0.14¢ but since then ClickASnap has grown as a company and as they have gotten bigger they have kept their users in mind and adjusted the pay-out rate. Currently, in 2022, the paid per view rate is a generous 0.7¢ ($0.007) – this is calculated in dollars worldwide so exchange rates will apply.

I mean unless you already have a large following, this isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ platform and shouldn’t solely be the reason to join (some people do, and they can be left disheartened). I believe it should be taken as a little added bonus. See it as a small token of gratitude and recognition towards your hard work.

What’s the catch? Do I lose image rights?

With other photo-sharing platforms they claim that you control the rights over your content however, what really happens is that you grant a “non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, and worldwide licence to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate and create derivative works of your content.” This means platforms like Instagram and Facebook can usually take your photos and sell them to a third-party company royalty-free and profit from your content without having to pay you. Seems unfair right?

But with ClickASnap, there really is no catch. The transparency of ClickASnap enables users to know what to expect from the start, and they claim absolutely no rights to any image for any use on the platform.

Not only that, but as a user you are only permitted to upload images which you own, or you have created, and they do not tolerate members attempting to profit off of someone else’s work. Doing so can result in having your account terminated.

Having had content stolen in the past and seen the upset it has brought other photographers and digital artists, this is an issue which I have always wanted solved.

The online marketplace

Personally, this is my favourite feature. Not only is ClickASnap a unique social-media platform where you can share your images with other users around the globe but integrated into the platform is an online marketplace where you can set up your own digital shop. With lots of different products to choose from you can sell your photos or graphic designs as prints, digital downloads, canvas’ and more.

You could compare this to Redbubble, Etsy or any stock image site, they all do similar things. But whilst companies like these usually take a chunky percentage of your hard-earned money to keep for themselves, ClickASnap, once again valuing their customers, lets you price your work at the cost you think they are worth and once the initial production cost has come out, they let you keep ALL the profit.

It’s worth noting that the new site coming out (due in a month) will have an even better marketplace with the options to print your photos and designs on clothing and more. They will also be switching suppliers to Prodigi, the world’s leading print on demand platform, which are renowned for their high quality products.

The new website

Ok, so this is where the site is a little flawed (emphasis on little and hopefully not for much longer). When ClickASnap started as a business, CEO Tom Oswald, wanted to get his site online fast and prioritised his unique features over aesthetic appearances. He did this in order to start helping photographers, and content creators earn money for their art – fair enough. Back in 2016, when I joined, this was messy and was the reason why I personally dipped in and out of using it.

Fast forward to 2022 and the site has seen some pretty big developments It certainly has come a long way since its beginnings and its appearance and features have improved drastically. More recently, an influx of new users flocking to the site has meant that the ever-evolving ClickASnap is in the process of developing their biggest and most promising new platform to date.

With over £1,000,000 invested and over a years’ worth of work from their development team, they are in the final stretch for the new websites release. They have hugely focused on improving the user experience and feel; as well as making the website much easier to navigate and improving the online marketplace. You can view the preview yourself, here. (

The website is due to released anytime soon, so not much waiting around if you are thinking of signing up. Once this website is complete and live, I genuinely believe that ClickASnap will no longer be competing alongside the big giants but will change how social media platforms value their users and challenge them to do better.

My final conclusion – is ClickASnap worth it?

In this review I have touched upon only a few reasons why, moving forward, I believe ClickASnap is the best option for sharing your photos online. The truth is the site has a lot more to offer and this will only become apparent once you are part of the thriving online community.

What has been achieved in creating ClickASnap is a safe space for photographers, digital artists, and users alike, where they can remain the sole, licensed owners of their content, can make money, and gain publicity. This expansion has redesigned the photography and social media industry by giving control back to the users, where it belongs. They are constantly looking at different ways to improve themselves and they do this by listening to their users, not exploiting them.

I have slowly grown my profile and am expecting my first pay out this month! It is nice to be in full control of what I post and who I follow and as I spend more time on the site, my feed is filling up with content that is creative and inspiring to me.

With over 1 million views per day and an approximate 10,000 new sign ups per day, ClickASnap is growing rapidly and is becoming the number one place to share your photos. So, perhaps it is time we stopped clinging onto the hope that Meta, Facebook, or Instagram will get better for us – it seems their glory days are finally coming to an end.

Instead, lets welcome in a fresh, new, and exciting digital emporium for visual artists. Let’s welcome ClickASnap. Sign up today and see for yourselves.

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