How do you make money with ClickAsnap

ClickASnap is the only website in the world where you can earn a little money just by people viewing your images. The way this works is that when someone clicks on your image they can view it and, if they so wish, enlarge and rotate it. A ‘view’ is where someone looks at your image for under 5 seconds. These are not ‘Authentic’ or ‘Paid’ views which have to be for 5 seconds or more. All these views can come from inside or outside of the Community but only registered users can ‘like’ and comment on the image.

In addition to earning from paid views, you can also add various products for sale which can also earn extra income. For more information about Products, read the FAQs. This is only available to Seller+ and Pro tiers.

Firstly, let us get some common misconceptions out of the way. It has often been advertised on platforms like TikTok and YouTube that you can make your fortune by uploading any old rubbish or stolen images to ClickASnap. The only person making money by claiming this is the ‘so-called’ influencer who is trying to up his view count on whatever platform he uses. ClickAsnap is not a get-rich-quick scheme and nor is it, as often claimed by disgruntled (ex)users, a scam, but it is a platform where, with the right interaction, you can earn a small income. Many users earn enough to pay for their annual fee in a couple of months or less leaving the rest of the year as profit. Don’t get me wrong, this will not happen instantly but if you put in a little time and effort, you will soon be at that level. Aim to grow your presence gradually and you will be rewarded.

There are various actions that will, at the very least, stop you being paid out your ‘earnings’ and at worst get you banned from the site. If you are banned for any of these actions, not only will you not be entitled to any earnings you may have made but you will also lose any subscription fee you have paid. These ‘actions’ include:

  • Uploading stolen images, even if they have been downloaded from the internet and edited. Genuine users will always report what they consider to be stolen work. You should only upload work from which you own the copyright.
  • Begging for views, or trying to form ‘Click Circles’ – this is where you ask for other users to check out your images and you will do the same for them. You can add your profile URL to any of your social media platforms with no issues, but if you comment on someone else’s image and ask them to view your, this is counted as begging. Regarding views, using robotic views or any view that is not ‘organic’, i.e., merited by the image, will also get you into hot water.
  • Uploading pornographic images (which are generally stolen anyway) or images depicting violence or drug use.
  • Certain AI content. There is currently much contention that AI images produced by e.g. Midjourney, which is currently undergoing a court case regarding image rights, raise copyright issues. It is OK to create AI content from your own photographs that you have copyright to but text-to-image platforms are still disputable. Until ClickASnap produce definitive guidance on AI, it is not something I would be happy posting.

There are currently four different tiers of account available on ClickASnap ranging from Free to Pro. Pro has many benefits other than a higher pay out rate but check the FAQs to find those out. At the time of writing, these levels pay out:

  • Free – 0.1c (or $0.001) per view meaning you would require 15,000 views to reach the $15 checkout limit
  • Upload+ – 0.7c (or $0.007) per view meaning you would require 2,143 views to reach the $15 checkout limit
  • Seller+ – 0.8c (or $0.008) per view meaning you would require 1,875 views to reach the $15 checkout limit
  • Pro – 0.9c (or $0.009) per view meaning you would require 1,667 views to reach the $15 checkout limit

After creating your account, I would recommend joining the Facebook group ‘Clickasnap advice & discussion group’ where you can ask any questions you might have and generally get help from many users of the site who are only too pleased to spend some time helping others. I would also suggest browsing the FAQs (, Paid Per View Policy ( and T&Cs ( as you will find good information for boosting your success and staying ‘within the law’.

Fill out all of your profile, adding a good biography and add the links to any social media or websites you have. Add a header image and a profile image. The more ‘professional’ you make your profile, the better it will seem to viewers and show you are serious about the site.

Upload only your very best images. Generally other photographers do not want to view what you had for dinner or selfies taken in a mirror. Edit them the best that you can, ensuring that horizons are level in landscape or seascape images and that they are as sharp as possible – unless that is not your intention. Do not upload a huge load of images together, maybe 3 or 4 at a time after you have started to become established. You will quickly determine what works for you. If you upload 20 photos at a time, very few of them will be viewed as when you upload them they will be grouped together in Explore.

Always give your image a good title and try to add a good description. Perhaps state why you took the image or give a little potted history. As well as being more interesting for the viewer, it may also keep them on the image for more than the 5 seconds to give you an authentic view. Add relevant tags to your images at the upload stage – you do not need to add the #, just the word and then press enter after each word or phrase. Adding all of these can get your image indexed by Google bringing people from outside of ClickASnap to your profile.

Try to make your Profile look engaging by mixing up colours and tones and different subject matters. I personally use the ‘Albums’ feature to group different shots together e.g., one for Ireland, Scotland, Birds, Woodlands & Trees, etc.  This then allows me to send a link to my Album of images of Savernake Forest to the Forestry Commission (as an example), without them having to look through the whole of my profile.

Engage with the community. By this I mean have a look around the site. Personally I would start with the Pro users and you can set the 3 filters at the top of the Explore page. If any image appeals to you have a look at the users’ profile. View and comment on an image or two that appeals to you. If you really like the image you can share it to your feed. That will grow the viewers for that image. You will often find that the user will then check out your profile. The more users you view, the bigger chance that they will view yours. If you like their work, follow them and you will be notified, via your feed, when they upload new images. If they follow you back then they will be notified of your new uploads.

With regard to commenting on other people’s images never use inane comments like ‘nice’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘great’. Better nothing than those. Especially do not go through a bunch of images pasting the same comment into each, as this is viewed as spamming and ‘fishing for views’.  Perhaps say why the image appeals or add a little criticism or compliment.

Add some images via ClickASnap to your social media platforms such as your FB profile, Pinterest or Twitter.  Also add you profile URL to the same. The more people you can point towards your profile, the better it will ultimately be for your earnings.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment but will update if I do. In the meantime, have fun with the platform, steadily upload more images and remember to be in it for the long haul. If you do some of the things I have suggested you will soon build a following and start to earn some decent money. All I can say to you now is ‘Good luck going forwards’.

Steve Cooke (scdronemedia)

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