ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.2.0)

Release notes:

New release for ClickASnap, v1.2.0. To make sure you’re using the latest and greatest, refresh your browser (yes, we’re working on a fix for that as well! Once done, you’ll automatically be on the latest version on our website).

Release notes

  • We’re beginning the process of a refresh of the website with a tiny tweak to our logos. This is the start of a wider review of the experience which will be an ongoing process.
  • We’ve updated the way products appear when the seller deletes their profile and images.
  • We’ve resolved the bug affecting some users, where the count of total views and likes didn’t always match in the profile area. The fix ensures the correct number of likes and views are shown going forward. (They won’t update on images already uploaded)
  • We’ve resolved the issue with image deletion to make sure that when you delete an image it is no longer visible anywhere.
  • And other small changes and fixes

Stay tuned for more updates!

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