ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.3.1)

Changes are now live on Production
Release Notes (V 1.3.1)

  • Improved our login and registration pages to provide better messaging
  • Resolved an issue where “Copy & Paste to all” functionality during upload was unavailable to some users
  • Resolved an issue where “Share to Feed” would sometimes not appear for Pro Users
  • Updated how our search works to reduce the number of irrelevant results
  • Resolved an issue where under certain conditions an images User Profile would not load preventing you from viewing the authors profile
  • And some other minor changes to formatting & security

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32 Responses

  1. Hello, i would like to know if you have in plan designing a mobile app for this website. I think that the mobile app would be a greate improvment for photographers exposer due to simplicity of accesing the platform. I am new here, as a photographer and i feel that i will be here for a long run so please let me know if you think of designing an app for this amazing website. Have a good day ! 🙂

  2. I just now found out about this website, and am trying to shop a sample shot of mine, and cannot get the “share” function to work.

    Could someone explain it for me? June 27, 2023.

    1. Hi.
      Also I’ll add that when viewing a photo, if you click the Share button that has the ClickASnap logo then it shares it to the site Feed page. If you click the other Share button then icons for social media sites pop up in that row and you select which site you want to share the photo to. You may not notice it so try it again.

  3. Hi, I’ve uploaded 20 photos but have no idea if others can see them? Any advice thanks 😊

  4. Why do tags not work with photo uploads? Even after editing it is still not visible. What is the purpose of this tag field? Does it reflect the possibilities of hashtags# ?

    In my opinion, hastags# should be added to clickasnap because all social media platforms are using it and it might be useful for gaining publicity with our photos.

    Kindly waiting on your reply, SuzetteF

  5. That’s great Tom. Thanks for continuing to make upgrades and fix issues and thanks for keeping us updated. I really enjoy having the ClickASnap site notifications and blog for staying in touch and up to date on things, because I don’t like or use facebook anymore. Plus, I think it’s nice having things in house so to speak.

  6. hi I have some photo I’m not sure if they will be foul of your no nude rule I don’t want to get a ban they are photos I did and the model had a sheer top on I have put a blur on the area both Facebook and Instagram didn’t say anything when I post

  7. Hello, what do I do to sell the store more in sight because it has no visibility at all, I do not know what to do, can you help me.

  8. How do I know what type of account I signed up for and how can I upgrade to a pro account if I did not?

  9. Hello I joined clickasnap yesterday and today I was logged out. When I tried to log back in it says that my username/password is incorrect. So I changed my password twice. Checked the username. I don’t know what to do and still cant log in. 😕

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