Can you share your AI images on ClickASnap?

At ClickASnap, we recognise the growing popularity of AI imagery and the conversations it is driving around copyright violations. We want to give the power back to photographers and content creators and help them protect their work, as well as honour their work by sharing with them the profit we make. To do this, we need to ensure that all our creators are treated fairly in line with our policies, and that we are clear and consistent in how our policies are implemented. This post aims to address common questions regarding AI imagery on our platform, and how it works in conjunction with our Paid Per View benefit.

Can I share AI images on ClickASnap?

Yes! We believe all kinds of creators should have a space to share their work. As long as the content you share is your own, and if it falls in line with our community guidelines, then we welcome it!

Why do other platforms ban AI imagery, and why does ClickASnap allow it?

Many image sharing and social media websites have banned AI imagery due to the prevalence of copyright violations and the difficulty in managing associated risks. At ClickASnap, we believe in providing space for all kinds of content creators. With regards to AI imagery, we need to make sure that it is created by the user using their own work, and not someone else’s. We want to empower photographers and digital artists to share their work, while respecting copyright ownership.

Can I earn money from my AI imagery on ClickASnap?

Currently, the way our creators can earn money for their AI imagery is via our marketplace, by selling your work as products through your Seller Shop. At this time, you are unable to make money from your AI images through our Paid Per View benefit.

AI imagery does come with some complexities with regards to what we need to check when approving withdrawal requests. Whilst we appreciate many AI generators offer the commercial use of content created through them (i.e. to earn money off of), there are stipulations to this within many of these companies terms and conditions. We need to be able to determine whether this is the case for each user when reviewing a withdrawal request. We also need to be able to determine that when image prompts are used to create AI, that the images themselves are your own imagery and not another creator’s work.

We’ve taken some time to understand how it is that we can do this when reviewing AI withdrawal requests, and currently there are no resources which will allow us to confidently and accurately review these withdrawal requests to the satisfaction of our current policies.

We feel it is really important that we are clear, consistent and unambiguous in when we can and cannot approve a withdrawal request. So, at this time we are unable to approve any withdrawal requests on accounts which share AI imagery. This is going to continue to be reviewed by us internally, and we will communicate with our users any changes to these policies.

What if I previously had a withdrawal request approved for AI imagery?

If you had a withdrawal request approved for AI imagery previously, we apologise for any frustration you may now feel. It is really important that we can be fair in the decisions we make and that these decisions align with our terms. At this time, the way to do this is confirm that AI images do not qualify for earnings under the Paid Per View benefit. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Will this ever change in the future?

Absolutely! As part of our commitment to continually improve our platform, we will review our Paid Per View Policy internally. Our goal is to establish a clear and comprehensive policy that allows AI imagery to earn under the Paid Per View benefit while respecting copyright ownership and the commercial licensing of other companies which are used as tools in its creation. We strive to be fair and transparent with all our creators and we will keep our users updated on any policy revisions or changes to this.

Edit (20.10.2023):

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