ClickASnap Website Updates – The Latest! (V1.5.0)

Release Notes (V 1.5.0)

We have released our latest update to our website. Have a read below to see some of the exciting fixes and improvements we’ve made!

Improved how comments are displayed & added nested comments

This allows you to have more in depth discussion with other members of the platform on the comment section of your images!

We’ve resolved an issue where ExIF Data would display incorrectly on some photos

For all the photographers out there that want to showcase the settings on their cameras at the time a picture was taken, this one is for you! We have made sure the ExIF data is now showing accurately and consistently across all images that have it.

We’ve added a cookie pop up, to make sure our users are affirmatively agreeing to our cookies

We have recently been reviewing our policies, and as part of this, we are improving the way we communicate the use of our cookies with you. The cookies we use on our platform are essential to the functioning of it, and we are unable to provide you with our services should you not wish to accept them. We are not using any new cookies or doing anything differently to what we have been doing previously, we are simply wanting to make sure we are as transparent with our users as possible. Part of this is to make sure you have clear and direct access to our cookie details and our privacy policy. These were previously available via the footer of our website and are still linked there now, for your ease of access.

Please read through our privacy policy here, should you wish to know more details about the cookies we use to provide you with our services. If you have any more questions about this, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Google & Twitter login options have been removed

We fully appreciate how this change may seem odd, however, it was a necessary one. We have shared a post about this change separately, so we can make sure we answer all of the questions you may have about this change. Have a read about this here.

And some other minor changes & improvements

As always, if you ever have any questions regarding the above, please get in touch!

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30 Responses

  1. Thanks, as always, for the update. One thing, though: my newest shots, uploaded 24 July, are not showing Camera Model in the EXIF field, just generic “Canon.” This hasn’t happened before, with any of the cameras I’ve used here. So I’m wondering….

    Thanks again.

    1. Please double check and make sure you’re using the latest version of the site! Any specific account queries, please direct them to customer support.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Still waiting for historical paid views to show in my account balance. Any timeframes for this to rectified?

    1. This has been completed, and I can see from our records that your earnings were added onto your account. If you think there’s been any errors, get in touch with our customer support team! Your should direct all account queries to them, as they are in the best position to help.

      1. Hi Ian, this doesn’t sound relevant to the earning migration. Check out our FAQ page to understand how the Paid Per View benefit works!

  3. Why do i get white screen and freeze after yesterday’s cookie or so upgrade. I have done reboot 5 or more times since yesterday. Seems it is continuing up to today. What is the problem. The bot chat is useless.

    1. This is a known issue which is affecting a small handful of our users. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but please be assured we are working on getting this matter resolved. A fix for this issue will be deployed by our developers, as a matter of priority.

  4. Hi,
    I’m relatively new to the site and am already following some great stuff and have built up a few paid views too. I have ventured into the products side of things and am wondering is it possible to see mock-ups of my products before I ‘create’ them, in case I don’t think they suit? Also – it feels strange to be thinking of buying something that you have to imagine a print onto. Am I missing some button or is the option not there yet? If it’s the case that that is not available yet (the ability to see mock-ups of your products) that is fine, I’m happy to wait.

    1. Earnings have been migrated, with albums and followers/following being looked at still. I understand you’ve reached out to customer support regarding your earning migration, who will get back in touch with you to discuss your account further!

  5. Hi, am new in here, and I have been checking the site, but I see a mix of everything, I think that they have to be a way to categorize the pictures, when you go to check in other people pictures, like, professional, amateur, or just a hobby, also the different type of editing they have, like I post some in black and white, some HDR, and some regular pics, I like to be able to see the pictures that I want without see other that they are no relevant, also the pictures that are created in a computer they are to be separated, I know this is a business for the company, but if you keep it this way is easy to see everybody pictures.
    this is just my opinion , I hope no body gets offended
    Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi
    I am just new to the site and i don’t know how te get paid for my pictures ‘s view,can someone help me with that??

    1. It would be really helpful for you to review our FAQ page, as this provides you full and detailed explanations on how being paid per view works, your earnings and how to withdraw this, and much more.

      We also have a YouTube channel ( where we have plenty of tutorials and tips on how to grow your ClickASnap profile and how to be successful on our platform!

  7. Hi all. I’m new here. Thanks for the opportunity to share our photos with many people, as well as for the opportunity to cash in our time

  8. cookies why can’t I pick if I want to use them or not I never expect them and it nothing more than a way to track and sell our information off and we get bombarded with spam emails I did email about this and was told there was nothing you could do about it and when I replied with well it looks like my days with sick a snap are numbered once my subscription ends I’m not looking to renew and go an email back telling me how I can end my subscription now I alway thought excepting cookies was an options not compulsory as there isn’t an option to reject them im actively look for other platforms to change to also have you sorted the albums out yet

    1. Non-essential cookies are optional, however, the cookies we use on our website are essential only. We cannot operate the platform without them, thus they must be accepted in order to use ClickASnap. I appreciate your frustration with this, however, every website does operate with cookies in some manner, as they have to. If you do not want to continue with your ClickASnap account because of this, then albeit unfortunate, we do respect your right to cancel your account and not stay with us.

    1. Our Paid Per View benefit is how people earn money on our platform! Have a look at our FAQ’s, for more information on how this benefit works.

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