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by Robert Carlson [Lens4anEye] 

We take a lot of time getting to locations to get those perfectly framed and properly exposed images. Then we sit at the keyboard adjusting the characteristics of the picture to make it even better. But what then?

If you are reading this article you have discovered and have already or are ready to upload your hard work. Many subscribers begin their journey with a few photos and wait to see what “just happens”. Unless you are already well known as a photographer or have lots of friends and family to look at your accomplishments, your visibility will be low. 

Even with ClickASnap having millions of subscribers you will still be fortunate to have several hundred to a thousand of them ever see anything you post unless you make the effort. 

The world is a far larger marketplace than any single platform can reach out to. The web is the bigger more productive place to create visibility. Google and other search engines are continually crawling around the web indexing what it finds. One of the factors they look for is interconnectedness. 

Your greatest photograph sitting on an image platform is much like putting it in a drawer and hoping someone someday opens the drawer and sees it. Pointing people in the direction of the drawer and telling them to look inside greatly improves the chances of you phot being seen. 

Those search engines are massive data processing codes looking at billions of pictures, text, video, sound files, etc. How to get them to look at your photos is the trick to master. 

Google can take weeks to get around to finding your work and that is only if that drawer is unlocked and out where they can find it. 

Here is one way I use to get the indexing jump started. A simple blog with your name or user profile in its title can be used to display one or several of your images, a bit of text describing them and a link to your profile.

There remains the issue of how to get Google to look at your blog. Well, Google owns The Blogspot blog platform. Blog postings there get nearly immediate attention.  After all they don’t have look far to see their own hosted content. 

Blogspot blogs are free to create and maintain. I can’t tell you the best way to write postings, but include links to your works and a few examples. If you have a Sellers’ Shop link to it and tell the reader what it’s for. You can link directly to Albums you create. One such link can show a reader all the photos not just one. Most of all make posts regularly so the search engines know to come back. 

Do the same in tagging the blog articles the same as  with tags in your photo descriptions. They are important. 

My blog is available here

Googling "Lens4anEye" returns 7 of the first 8 items as mine at one platform or another. 

Building your presence depends on your visibility. Make yourself visible

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