18 Tips for selling your photos using a ClickASnap pro-account

Anyone can sign up to ClickASnap and sell their photos using our ClickASnap pro-account.  Whilst our platform makes it incredibly easy to put photos up for sale, and for any price you choose,  you still have to get people to buy these photos. So, just what can you do to help get those sales in?

  • Promote your photos to people that know you. We have a huge amount of articles on this blog that help you do this and they can be found here, here and here
  • Use good key words to tag your photos in well searched niches
  • Thoroughly check your images before putting them up for sale. Someone wants to buy a perfect photo, not a random shot
  • Learn from photos that have no interest and don’t sell. Branch off into other categories
  • Use editing software to touch up the photos. Not too much though, just enough to bring out the colours
  • Add a few photos for free download, give these away to your followers. Some will most likely purchase your other images
  • Price your photos correctly. Don’t expect to sell a download for £50
  • Build up a collection of images around a very narrow range of topics. Want to branch into another topic? Create another account this way when people are looking for that particular topic they are most likely to buy from you
  • Build a customer database! Collect emails of people who want to buy your photos!
  • Make sure the image you upload has a proper file name, not DSC_9429
  • Find people to market with, join forces, 2 of you is double your audience!
  • Donate your photos to people on social media or websites just make them link back to you
  • Engage your network, talk to your followers, learn what they want
  • Share your expertise, write blog posts, get your name out there
  • Create and get business cards, got a friend who wants a photo? Take it for them, give them your card and link it to your photo for sale
  • Go and get featured in a magazine or newspaper!
  • Create a referral program, someone buys your photo you pay the referrer a percentage
  • Host an event! Hire a hall and put all your photos on display, tell them where they can buy it

Below is a video from Sarah Pettys’ Joy of Marketing course. She has taught people to sell over $3,000,000 of photos. Watch the video and take the hints and learn to market your content:

Do you have any tips on selling your photos? Comment them below!

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