ClickASnap Q2 quarterly report 2018

These last 3 months have seen huge leaps and bounds in the platform. We have brought out a wide range of new and unique features to ClickASnap, which now hosts more features for less cost with higher quality image display than any other online photo hosting platform available across the World today.

So what have we done to the platform over the last 3 months?

  1. Significantly increased image distribution quality
  2. Artificial image recognition has been brought in to ensure all images are appropriately tagged
  3. A huge amount of SEO work has been done to get photos indexed properly
  4. Automatic Sitemap generation technology. This generates a new Sitemap of Clickasnap daily and updates Google of all the new pages and photos added to the site. Which at the moment is about 500 per day
  5. New image navigation technology to make viewing users photos much easier
  6. Significant mobile website work to ensure that the site works easily and seamlessly on most large format smart phones
  7. We have increased the amount paid per view
  8. We have decreased the minimum amount required to cash out (we wanted a lot more people to get paid quicker)
  9. Tooltips have been added to the site to explain icons and make the site easier to use
  10. We have revamped the sign up process to ensure it is even easier to acquire new users, and ensure that there is no impedance to sales of content for our users who use the shops
  11. Automatic email lists for subscribers to pro accounts, this has proven extremely popular in obtaining users and traffic directly to those Pro account holders via email. In turn, this reduces the stress and costs associated with having to contact your users telling them that you have new content available.
  12. We have reduced our Cost Per Acquisition to sub £1.69 using PPC
  13. I was interviewed by Mike Browne, you can see this interview here

As you can see, for 3 months we have added in a huge amount into the site which is showing in our increased retention times as well as sign ups.

The numbers:

we added 1,053 new users, 26,023 new images, 108,445 users visited the site and 1.3m images where viewed. Our sessions per user increased to 2.11 and we retained a sub 2% bounce rate. Retention time was 10 minutes 13 seconds per user on average

What’s up next?

We are currently in the process of discussing two possible fund raises to expedite the growth of the platform. One fund is 100k, (we are in the top 50 startups for this at the moment!) and the other is 500k. Should we receive either, the bulk will be invested heavily in marketing to increase our user-base, as well as organic and referral traffic substantially. We are fortunate in that we are a monetised, scalable business and capital is almost purely required for the scaling aspect of the business rather than developing an MVP and/or proving a product.

As for the site itself, regardless of whether we secure further investment or not, we will be concentrating heavily on usability as well as outstanding bugs over the next 3 or so months whilst simultaneously commissioning a PR company (whom we have already sourced) to secure us press and articles in various publications.

Thanks for your time, and thank you for using ClickASnap and helping guide it into what it is today


Tom Oswald


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