ClickASnaps’ 5* rating system: Are we breaking the platform? Or improving it?

I have seen a few comments on the blog, in here and personally messaged to me stating that some of the changes we’re bringing out are ‘breaking’ or ‘ruining’ the platform. If we go back to when I first started this platform, the idea was to be a photo sharing site that encouraged the uploading of high quality imagery which could then be monetised.

With the monetisation systems (the 5 second rule) being what automatically moderated content to ensure only the higher quality content was rewarded and the lower quality content was either improved or removed leading to a platform full of beautiful content and creative people exchanging ideas, solutions and new viewpoints to their photography hobby. We are, unfortunately a very long way away from this at this time with far too many groups actively ensuring poorer quality content receives paid views purely to get paid views back themselves.

The introduction of the rating system is the first step in moving this content out of the mainstream side of the platform. I have no issue with poorer quality content, we all started somewhere, but unless this content is sidelined it merely encourages it without requiring improvement. For the platform to survive, grow and flourish (including higher payment rates) it’s imperative the business steps away from this short term ‘get rich quick’ audience and moves towards embracing, welcoming and rewarding genuine photographers of any level and that is what we will be doing.

I want this platform to get back to what I wanted it to become 8 years ago, and now is the time to drive this through. This may, to some, feel like the platform is broken, it will also likely reduce traffic in the short term. But, in the long term it can then become a place for genuine artistry, higher traffic levels (the right type of traffic) a place for learning, sharing and earning instead of a place for mediocrity, spam and short term gains.

Tom Oswald

CEO & Founder

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