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    What’s photography to you?

    I started taking photos out of an attempt to capture something beautiful. I was in Northern California, stuck in the middle of a thousand new things that triggered all of my…

  • photographic balls kit
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    Photographic Balls

    A number of people have commented on some of the pictures posted in my post on various social media sites and have asked how the pictures like the examples below are…

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    Give your photos a festive makeover

    The Christmas festivities are almost in full swing; the seasonal tunes are trickling their way onto the radio, the mince pies are a daily occurrence, and our Christmas trees are soon…

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    Process versus the Product

    When people look at images, what they see is really just a small slice of what I believe we as photographers are rewarded with when we have a final image that…

  • is clickasnap worth it?
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    How to start a photography business

    One of the most common questions I get from aspiring photographers  is how I started my journey as a wedding photographer.  Back in 2011 I shot 3 weddings, and then shot…

  • Fishing beside a lake
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    Photography Is Like Fishing

    Sometimes you catch ‘em sometime you don’t. The thing that makes an amateur fisherman keep going out to sea is not the certainty of catching fish but the possibility of catching…

  • Combine harvesting
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    Guest post with us!

    We publish blog posts on all sorts of content every single day. These posts are often seen by hundreds, and occassionaly thousands of people within the day they are published. Our…