My first 100,000 views on ClickAsnap

Today I passed 100K views on the platform of ClickASnapand must admit to feeling rather chuffed. For those who are unaware of ClickASnap and what it does, please let me explain. ClickASnap is a UK based company, founded by CEO Mr Tom Oswald, where you can upload your photographs and, when they are viewed for 5 seconds, you get paid. How about that? Where else on the internet can you get paid for people just looking at your artwork? I don’t know of any other site.

Put it this way. You might add 200 images to a stock selling site or to somewhere like flickr and you may get a large number of followers. These followers will look at your images; maybe leave a ‘like’. But, and it is a big but, unless you manage to sell one of your images you walk away with nothing. If those same followers viewed those same images on ClickASnap you earn a few quid.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not a fortune and I doubt you will ever get rich from it but you can make a few dollars by doing something you enjoy. There are four levels, or tiers, of account each paying a different amount and all with different benefits. The four levels are:

Free – 0.1c (or $0.001) per view

Upload+ – 0.7c (or $0.007) per view

Seller+ – 0.8c (or $0.008) per view

Pro – 0.9c (or $0.009) per view

Each level has a different subscription fee, payable monthly or annually, and offers different benefits aside from the earnings but I won’t go into those here. Check out the FAQs ( ) for more information on these benefits.

You may have read that ClickASnap is a scam (IT IS NOT!) or that they don’t pay out your earnings (THEY CERTAINLY DO!) or other such rubbish. This is generally from previous users of the site who have in some way broken one of the few rules, so losing their earnings or even getting banned from the site. Again, for more on this, see .

I have now been on the site for about 2½ years, the first two years or so were on the ‘old’ site and during that time made approximately 50K views.  I never bothered with any other tier except for Pro. I thought that if I was going to do this I would try to do it properly. Plus there was the fact that it was the highest level of payment per view. Having said that, if I remember correctly and I am happy to be corrected, the rate per view was 0.2c.  Over time the price per view gradually increased to the 0.9c that it is today. As the company grew and advertising revenue increased some of this was passed on to users as higher earnings.

The site was getting unusable and the decision was made to migrate to a new platform with new developers. This has taken a lot longer than expected and the migration is still ongoing. There are still outstanding issues with the new site but these are getting resolved fairly quickly now that ClickASnap has employed in-house developers.

Saying that, it has not affected the use of the platform too much and has certainly not affected the earnings except in a positive way.  Although my first two years produced about 50K views I was always pleased with my earnings. In the first year I had earned back my annual subscription in 6 months leaving the final 6 months as profit. The second year took about 3-4 months to earn back my subscription.

Now, half way through my third year, I have already earned about 5 times my annual fee and also had about 50K views. I must say that I love the new site and really enjoy being part of this community, which is full of great photographers as well as ‘learners’ and also has some great characters. You will also find that most of the users are always available to help others.

For anyone wishing to know how I have got to the level I have, I put together another blog post which can be seen here: – this will give you useful tips and advice on using the site.

Finally, I would like to make clear that I am by no means the highest earner or have the highest view count on ClickASnap. There are some users who have in excess of 200K views. If you enjoy photography and all your images are sat on your hard drive or on some social media platform earning nothing, come along and join the ClickASnap Community, have some fun, meet some new people from across the globe and earn some money.  What have you got to lose?

Steve Cooke

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